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Ember Amelia Jones
Artist | Student | Varied
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1) Name:



2) Name Backwards:



3) Were you named after someone:

Ahhhhhh no


4) Does your name mean anything?:

My real name means forever lasting love ;3


5) Nick Names:

On DA; E, EM’s, Ember/ ECL

Real life; nerd/ weaboo/ GG-gamer girl


6) Screen Name(s):

EmberCL-for everything

7) Date of Birth:



8) Place of Birth:


10) Current Location:

Same place XP


11) Sign:

Virgo/ Libra  


12) Religion:

I don’t care much for RE


13) Height:

164 cm last time I measured like last year buuut I think I stoped growing so yeah-I’m short as shit


14) Weight:

Ehhh 60 something XP


15) Shoe Size:

Women 8 or 9


16) Hair color:



17) Eye color:

Dark green


18) What you look like:

A girl.


19) Innie or Outie:



20) Righty, Lefty, ambidextrous:

Ambidextrous-but for writing and drawing lefty


21) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other:

Straight-but I have friends of all types! No discrimination here


22) Best friend(s):

A, T, T my college besties- ones a gamer like me, ones a fashionista and the last amazing but don’t get on her bad side XP


23) Best friend you trust the most:

All three


24) Best friends {your sex}:

Same three


25) Best friends of the opposite sex: 

A few guys in my classes


26) Best Bud(s):

My cat ;3


27) Boyfriend/Girlfriend:



28) Crush:

Haha some guy since I started college hmmmm 5 years ago….hahah I hate my life….


29) Parent(s):

My mum


30) Worst Enemies:

Life/ most people/ weekdays/no internet connection/ stupid gaming controller batteries dying


31) Favorite on-line Guy(s):

Mmm I don’t like to name names


32) Favorite on-line Girl(s):

Mmm I don’t like to name names


33) Funniest friend:

All three


34) Craziest friend:

Fashionista –T


35) Advice Friend:

Gamer- A


36) Loudest Friend:



37) Person you cry with:

Meh self


Do You Have...


38) Any sisters:



39) Any brothers:

1 younger


40) Any pets:

1 rabbit and 1 cat


41) A Disease:

A few mental ones I think


42) A Pager:



43) A Personal phone line:



44) A Cell phone:



45) A Lava lamp:

It broke ;n;


46) A Pool or hot tub:

I’ll drown in both XP


47) A Car:



Describe Your...


48) Personality:

I dunno-I vary on how comfortable I am with the person


49) Driving:



50) Car or one you want:

Orange Herbie-bug   


51) Room:

Clean to messy to very messy


52) Mmh:



53) School:

Struggling for the first time ever


54) Bed:

Warm and comfy


55) Relationship with your parent(s):

Not too good but not too bad…


56) Believe in yourself:

Nope nope, so much nope


57) Believe in love at first sight?:



58) Consider yourself a good listener:

Yuz- I have to listen and help a lot of people I know XP


60) Get Along with your parents:



61) Save your e-mail conversations:

Not always just important ones


62) Pray:



63) Believe in reincarnation:



64) Like to make fun of people:

If I know the person then yes-besides they’ll get me back


65) Like to talk on the phone:

Not really


66) Like to eat:



67) Like to drive:



68) Get motion sickness:

Yes. Bus.


69) Eat the stems of broccoli:

Only part I eat of that cacky shit


70) Eat Chicken fingers with a fork:

No fingers.


71) Dream in color:

Yes-so real sometimes


72) Type with your fingers on home row:

I type how I type. Deal with it.


73) Sleep with a stuffed animal:

All da stuffed animals!


74) Right next to you:

Pikachu/ stich/ build a bear sheep plush on my bed.


75) On the walls of your room:

Awards, shit ton of gaming and movie posters/ post it note link and monster high cut outs XP


76) On your mouse pad:

Don’t have one


77) Your dream car:

I don’t have one ;n;


78) Your dream date:

E3 convention-play all the new games ;3 or just go head to head in a gaming marathon!


79) Your dream honeymoon spot:

Um no clue


80) Your dream husband/wife:

mmm that’s for me to know! >W<


81) Your bedtime:

More like daytime


82) Under your bed:

Old sketch books, my nerf guns, remote control car, extra pillows, miku figure boxes and other stuff most likely-junk


83) The single most important question:

The meaning of life!


84) Your bad time of the day:

Getting up


85) Your worst fear(s):

Crowds/ swimming/ life


86) The weather like:

Cold and windy


87) The time:



88) The date:

march 28/15


89) The best trick you ever played on someone:

Haha too many XO


90) The weirdest food or drink that you like:

McDonalds soft serve with their chips or apple with cheese


91) Theme Song:

Hollywood undead; hear me now or Bullet


92) The hardest thing about growing up:



93) Your funniest experience:

My friends speech in front of the whole school which she fucked up soo bad to the point she head butted the mic and tripped both up and down the steps to the podium.


94) Your scariest moment:

almost drowning


95) The silliest thing you've ever said:

Too many experiences


96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex:

Yelled out their name then I choose you-to help me with my art project. We both then proceeded to reenact an entire battle scene


97) The scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend:

Me catching the toaster on fire and melting the arse of it then causing the piano to start spilling smoke


99) The best feeling in the world:

New Vannoss upload! Finishing a Zelda game


100) 5 people you tag:


  • Watching: screen
  • Playing: legend of zelda-which one??
hi all, i'm just clearing through my watch list-removing people who either haven't uploaded in a year and so and stuff like that. so if i'm not replying very fast that's why cause i have like 390 peeps to go though. 
sorry for any inconveniences

Ember :) 
  • Watching: screen
  • Playing: legend of zelda-which one??

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